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InsurAfrica for Service Provider

- We are on a mission to make Africans happier, healthier, and performing at their best. We know that it’s only by working alongside forward-thinking organizations like yours that we will achieve this.

- Telehealth can be a revenue-generator for your practice…if it’s done right. Understand how COVID-19 has changed the healthcare marketing game. Learn how you can set yourself up for success with these Telehealth marketing tips and strategies. Find out:

  • Why should Telehealth fit into your post COVID-19 marketing strategy?
  • What are the biggest problems practices are facing making the transition to Telehealth?
  • A framework for creating your marketing game plan
  • Tips to streamline your workflows for patients

- We can work together to ensure patients get the care and treatment they need while feeling safe and secure at all time.

- We are here to walk the transition to Telehealth journey with you.