Facilitamos o acesso de famílias e organizações cuidados de saúde de qualidade & bem estar serviços enquanto fornece melhor cobertura de seguro adaptada a cada circunstância, em qualquer lugar, a qualquer hora

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InsurAfrica (Pty) Ltd ("InsurAfrica") is an aggregator and integrator of healthcare, financial services and technology solutions (“FinTech”) for families, communities, businesses and institutions. We help organisations and communities to take control of their health and financial future to gain peace of mind and perform or deliver 10x better, faster and cheaper on their journey to regaining dignity and building resilience. InsurAfrica is on mission to provide access to quality tele-healthcare and digital insurance cover to 850 million people in the African continent. To achieve this goal, InsurAfrica is deploying a digital insurance platform integrator that make it easy for people to purchase Life & Health insurance coverage and get their claims processed in no time. The platform integrates a growing proprietary network of GPs, dentists, optometrists, Urgent care and Emergency Response services (“ER”), specialist healthcare providers, private clinics, pharmacies, medical centers, hospital facilities, pathology laboratories, radiology services, occupational health practitioners, and funeral parlor throughout Africa, to deliver quality affordable primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services to policy holders and members.