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We make it easier for families and organisations to access quality heathcare & wellness while providing the best insurance cover adapted to each circumstance, everywhere, anytime

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InsurAfrica for Business

Healthy people, healthy business:

Join InsurAfrica and support the wellbeing of your employees. Your employees can enjoy 24/7 access to

  • Video doctor, physiotherapy, urgent care, second opinion specialist care
  • A digital Healthcheck
  • Have Prescriptions sent straight to the nearest pharmacy or delivered to your doorsteps
  • Our COVID-19 Care Assistant

Why Choose Care4Sure for your business:

Provide a safe and secure workplace for your people, including remote workers

Reduce absenteeism and Increase productivity

Give employees peace of mind

Save thousands of working hours loss in traffic or commuting to medical facilities

Stress management & well-being service

Stand out as an employer of choice

Lower health-related costs in your business: Prevent long- and short-term disability claims, reduce escalating drug claims by funneling all prescriptions through virtual pharmacies, help employees manage chronic conditions, and see a positive impact on your collective insurance renewal.

Promote mental and physical wellness for all: Take good care of your employees with your new corporate benefit: an on-demand access for them and their families to consult with healthcare professionals. Your employees will be thankful and proactive about their health, and your bottom line will be positively impacted.