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Whether you are a General Practicioner, Specialist running your practice or operating a medical center, clinic or a full fledged hospital, we value the contribution you provide at the frontline of the healthcare value chain. The intrinsic demand for healthcare services continues to rise in the Africa, given population aging, the increasing prevalence of chronic disease, and the search for a higher quality of life. But we recognize that the continued provision of your service is met with growing challenges and threats to your industry. Major tectonic shifts are occurring, not only in regulations but also in three other areas: technology (both medical science and technology and the onward march of big data, advanced analytics, machine learning, and digital), industry orientation (the move toward B2C and rapidly rising consumer expectations), and reallocation of risk across the value chain. These forces are fundamentally altering the structure of the industry and basis of competition. We are here to walk this journey with you and help you navigate the challenges with all the relevant data you need to deliver exceptional patient experience and thrive under uncertainty. We respect your personal information and adhere to the highest data protection standards. Please visit our data protection policy for more information.

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